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Ty-Ni Design - Inventive Ideas to Inspirational Products


Ty-Ni Design was founded in 2017 by Steve Marshall-Rees with a straightforward philosophy: Strive to be the best.


Steve has over 30 years of experience and for the last 20 years has been involved in a number of successful design companies in the South of England; he moved back to his hometown of Swansea last year with plans to take a back seat in the design world.


A chance meeting in March 2017 changed that plan, and Ty-Ni Design was born.


Swansea is an ideal location for Ty-Ni Design. With millions of pounds being invested in making Swansea a hub of innovation, there’s a vast pool of local resources from software, electronics, engineering and manufacturing at hand. 


There’s also a fantastic pool of young design talent at 2 Universities to tap into as Ty-Ni Design grows.


What does all this mean as a potential client of Ty-Ni Design?


It means that being in South Wales, we can offer you lower rates than any design company in London or the South of England.  Also, in some cases getting your product manufactured in Wales can be more economical than China.


Within 8 months Ty-Ni Design has established an international client list from France, Denmark, Australia, Hawaii and the USA... The sun never sets on the Ty-Ni Design client list.

 So why is Ty-Ni Design any different?


Well mostly because we believe that design should be, as we put it, ‘serious fun’. The serious part is our dedication to producing the best product possible. The fun part is all about making sure that the process is an enjoyable and fun experience for you the client.



We’re unusual because we’ve no desire to win awards.


Yes, you did read that correctly.


We are very happy to concentrate on the essential things such as the look, function and quality of your product. That’s what’s important to us. At the end of the day, you’ll judge us on what we’ve done for you and how we did it. We want you and your products to have enormous success. You should be the ones winning awards.



Yes, it’s cliché, but we actually do care about you and your product.


We firmly believe in keeping our clients well informed and most importantly happy. The foundation of any successful product is the relationship between client and designer, not just great skills and design services. Those are a given.


Whether you’re a lone individual or a large company, we’ll always have time for you. If you have a burning question, need advice or just want a quick turnaround. Even out of hours or on weekends, if there’s a problem, we’ll own it and resolve it.


We won’t hide costs or confuse you with some ‘black art’ design speak. We’ll give you the facts in a simple to understand language, and we’ll deliver news whether it’s good or bad.

Everyone being creative at Ty-Ni Design
Brain storming down the pub we think
Prototype meeting at Ty-Ni Design
Stephen Marshall-Rees
Design Director

Our Design director Steve has spent the last 30 years in product design, he has held many senior designer roles in his career and has helped establish and shape a number of the top design companies in the South of England and London. He has worked with clients like Speedo, Rangemaster, Thermos, Mothercare, P&G, Mastercard, Skanska and Tomy to name but a few.

Steve has been involved in some of the most innovative products in the last 30 years, from sinks to chip n pin terminals.

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NOTE TO STUDENTS: We are sorry but there are currently no placement opportunities. 


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