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Product design for companies

Ty-Ni Designs aim is to become an asset to your development strategy, requiring little supervisory time but delivering high-quality results.


For Large Companies, we’re an External Resource to compliment and assist your creative team. For Mid-Sized companies, Ty-Ni Design brings specialised skills that may be unavailable internally. Smaller Companies use Ty-Ni Design as an on-demand Product Development and Engineering department.


Our customers often require:


  • Cost targets that may be difficult to reach

  • Differentiation from competitive products

  • Innovative mechanical solutions creating new IP

  • Aesthetics blended with function

  • R&D Exploring solutions to difficult problems


Business Inquiries


Call us on +44 (0) 203 890 1886, or if you would like us to make contact, Just click here...





Sports data logger wristband for USA market
Product design meeting at Ty-Ni Design
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