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It is not enough to design products that function, that are intuitive and user-friendly, we also need to build products that bring happiness, excitement, pleasure and fun.

Product design is far more than style. Design goes right to the heart of a product. Good design contributes to a products usefulness as well as its look.

The traditional product design mix emphasises three elements:

  • Function

  • Economic manufacture

  • Aesthetics

This stage is an extremely exciting process that lays the foundations of an inventive idea becoming an inspirational product. Our knowledge, experience and problem-solving skills help us examine your idea, refine the concept and offer a unique, innovative and well-engineered solution.


Once you have given us the brief, we begin by gathering information, looking into the form and aesthetics, along with potential functions and features for your desired product. This information lays the foundation for a strong and well thought out design, providing a vital understanding of your product and its market, ready for turning your idea into reality in later stages.


Real world constraints (blue sky with clouds)


Using ideas produced through brainstorming along with the research gathered, we begin by 3D sketching out lots of ideas in CAD, covering the product functions, features and aesthetics. These are then methodically filtered and developed to produce a selection of concepts for presentation. Once reviewed, one concept or a selection of features from those presented, are then collated into a final design.

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."


Steve Jobs

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