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What the clients say


Andrew hacking CEO Netsportque (Lynx Sport)

"Steve (the CEO) is a creative genius! In meetings, he sits quietly, and all of a sudden, he’ll take out his notepad and start sketching. When this happens, the room falls silent in anticipation of the great idea that has just been born! He’s fully reliable and has competencies and knowledge that is unparalleled in the industry."

Richard Kennedy 

Project Leader at Mid Group Ltd

Steve was professional, punctual and very communicative throughout the project. We were developing something that had not been done before, and he delivered a product of the highest quality. In addition to the work for which we contracted Steve, he also did other peripheral investigations to address other issues that were outside of his brief. All in all, I could not recommend Steve more highly.


Rob Holmes, former founder

and managing director of

The Gro Company.

"I have had the privilege of working with Stephen over the course of about four years. I bought two ideas for him to work up into fully-fledged commercial products, and he did a stunning job with both products. One product was a night light for children, and my original idea was quite complicated. Stephen worked out how to simplify it to not only make it cheaper to manufacture but also more efficient and easier to use for parents. I appreciate that he was able to challenge me as the client
and show me how he could make things better. Not only is he an excellent product designer but a lovely man to work with. He is honest, thoughtful and has a good sense of humour.

The Gro-light he designed 14 years ago is still selling well on Amazon today. That is a testament to his good design. I would recommend him thoroughly."

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